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Yearning Unveiled

Pencatat Rindu yang Datang di Tengah Malam

16 minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Genre | 🔊 Indonesia | English Sub. | Age Rating


One night, Yati was visited by three officials whom she believed were responsible for her missing husband. Yati struggled to stand her ground amid the intimidation of these officials, who aimed to ensure that she didn’t have any evidence for what she believed.


TUE, 28 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 5 | 18:15

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Wisnu Surya Pratama

Wisnu Surya Pratama

Wisnu Surya Pratama is an Indonesian film director and writer, who has been active in the film industry since 2005. We mostly find Wisnu's works in the form of documentaries, short films and TVCs. "Marsiti dan Sapi-Sapi" is his third short fiction film. The previous short film, "Ella" was a part of the Belkibolang and Rock N'Roll omnibus. He also won the Special Jury Mention award for his documentary film titled Song Bird at the 10th Muscat International Film Festival. His latest short film, "Marsiti dan Sapi-Sapi" was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company PEOPLEFILMS

Producer Asad Azwin, Suci Wijayati

Main Cast Annisa Hertami

Screenplay Gerry Christian, Kenneth Lisungan

Cinematographer Riani Singgih

Editor Nathanael Sugeng Kurniawan

Notable Achievement


Pasar Setan (2023)

Marsiti dan Sapi-Sapi (Piknik Pesona) (2022)

Rock n Roll (2015)

Ella (Belkibolang) (2011)