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Messages from Executive Director

Wandering With Wonder

In Javanese traditional cosmology, the period of birth is believed to be related to the future. In its 17-year journey, JAFF has frequently faced crises, both social and natural disasters. JAFF has gotten through at least three major crises, a major earthquake in the first year of JAFF (2006), the eruption of Mount Merapi in its 5th year (2010), and the Covid-19 pandemic which caused many alterations to JAFF 15 (2020). Perhaps, the presence of JAFF which has been consistent all this time is a miracle, like it was predestined.

Mobilised by mostly volunteers, JAFF has grown and developed to this day. Finding and witnessing the birth of new talents who have been able to excel at both the national and international levels is one of the biggest energies for JAFF. We realize, that maybe the miracle will not always come when we expect it. We must continue to organize ourselves. Try to be more professional, constantly improve our partnerships with stakeholders, and look for new discoveries as a sustainability strategy.

Therefore, we really appreciate the everlasting support from filmmakers, all partners, sponsors, volunteers, spectators, and the wider public for JAFF as it reaches its 17th year this year. Let’s continue to hold hands, work together, and collaborate to continue to create miracles with JAFF!

Ajish Dibyo

Ajish Dibyo

Executive Director