The Netra(l)

15 minutes | 2019 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | sub. Bahasa Indonesia | 13+



XXI 4 | SUN 27 NOV | 12:00

LPP | MON 28 NOV | 19.00


Jeffry is a blind man who gets up to meet people to ease his loneliness. Jeffry has a vast network of relationships; his reduced vision does not hinder his ability to interact with various people. Jeffry could see the world during the previous twelve years before he had a severe accident when he was in junior high school. The transition between children and teenagers is the identity formation period. Jeffry has to accept the reality that he lost his eyesight. Until one day, Jeffry finds his silver lining. Jefry has been an independent man until now since he has a Pelita (light) in his heart, which manifests as the Pelita Netra


Ulfa Evitasari


Production Company

Kamar Senyap



Director's Profile

Ulfa Evitasari

Ulfa Evitasari

Born in Polewali on July 2, 1997, and graduated from Film and Television Studies ISI Surakarta. Currently active in the Tobaine project film collective doing observations and making documentaries. The film I wrote, "Rindu Tenggelam," won the 6th Jogja Student Film Festival and was nominated for the 2020 Maya Awards.

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