Segudang Wajah Para Penantang Masa Depan

The Myriad of Faces of The Future Challengers

91 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Documentary | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+



XXI 4 | TUE 29 NOV | 17:45

XXI 5 | FRI 2 DEC | 20:30


During the leadership of President Soeharto (1966-1998) under the New Order government, Indonesian Cinema brought forth important names that are still being discussed until now. It was a period in which censorship operated firmly to regulating and maintaining the narrative that may or may not appear on the screen. That was an era when the opposition could only be represented through the perspective of the New Order regime itself, to conserve a danger of latent–a spectral enemy. However, can cinema represent the faith of its own era? Can cinema speak about what should not be expressed or has not been expressed?


I Gde Mika, Yuki Aditya


Production Company

Forum Lenteng



Director's Profile

I Gde Mika, Yuki Aditya

I Gde Mika, Yuki Aditya

I Gde Mika is a cultural worker currently studying at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) majoring cinema studies. He is a member of Forum Lenteng and a participant of the Milisifilem Collective. Actively in collaboration in making films with friends as a cameraman in the film "Dolo" (2020) directed by Hafiz Rancajale, as realisator with Yuki Aditya in the film "The Hypothesis of Wandering Images of Jakarta" (2021) and "The Myriad of Faces of Future Challengers" (2022).

Yuki Aditya graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Fiscal Administration. He once worked as a Tax Auditor at a Public Accountant in Jakarta. He is now the Festival Director of ARKIPEL International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival since 2013, and also acting as producer of films produced by Forum Lenteng; "Golden Memories: Petite histoire of Indonesian Cinema" (2018), "Om Pius…This is My Home Come the Sleeping" (2019), "Dolo" (2021). Along with I Gde Mika as realisator in the films "The Hypothesis of Wandering Images of Jakarta" (2021) and "The Myriad of Faces of Future Challengers" (2022).


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