The Backstage Story

22 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Javanese | sub. English & Bahasa Indonesia | 13+

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XXI 5 | MON 28 NOV | 15:30


Haryo (35 years old) plays the role of both father and mother for his only son, Riyan (10 years). Haryo works as a mobile rice mill worker. Haryo has a loyal customer named Etik (36 years old), a rich widow and a prominent grain collector in his village who likes Haryo.

Besides that, Haryo is a wayang orang artist, (classical Javanese dance theatre). In his role as a performer, Haryo boasts to his son that he always gets to play Arjuna. Haryo always indoctrinates his son to imitate the character of Arjuna, because he wants his son to become a real man in the future. But in reality, Haryo never invites Riyan to watch the performance. Because Haryo doesn’t want Riyan to know a secret.


Jihad Adjie


Production Company

Komunitas Jogja Action Film (JA Film)


Director's Profile

Jihad Adjie

Jihad Adjie

The first student from ISI Yogyakarta whose final project was in the form of a short film entitled “Kelas 5000an” which he wrote and directed, won the Citra Awards in 2010. After that, Jihad Adjie directed mostly fiction short films and documentaries within the framework of commercial projects. His latest work in Film Industry, Jihad Adjie became the Co.Director of the famous director Hanung Bramantyo in the movie "Tersanjung: The Movie". Before working on "ARJUNA" with Kompro which is his comeback in the form of Idealist Film Works, in 2021 and 2022 Jihad Adjie worked on 4 short films for Indonesiana TV together with the Sangiran Ancient Human Site Conservation Center.

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