Talks: Ask the Cinematographers with Indonesian Cinematographers Society

A film’s visuals can encapsulate various meanings to be conveyed from the story. During this discussion, the Indonesia Cinematographers Society will share stories about the creative process of Directors of Photography, how to create and execute visual concepts in several Indonesian cinema films to award-winning films at international film festivals.

LPP 1 | FRI, 2 DEC | 13:00 - 15:00

The Indonesian Cinematographers Society (ICS) was inaugurated on January 7, 2014. It is a professional association of cinematographers in the Indonesian film ecosystem. The association was formerly known as Cinematographer Indonesia (SI), but in 2017, it was decided the name would be changed to Indonesian Cinematographers Society (ICS).


This organization is expected to 1) advance moving images in science, art, and technology, 2) protect and maintain professionalism in the cinematography department; and 3) preserve the artistic and technological excellence of the Indonesian film ecosystem. The motto of the organization is “Commitment, Progress, Skill”


The formation of ICS has long been the dream of previous Indonesian cinematographers, such as Soetomo Gandasoebrata, George Kamarullah, M. Soleh Ruslani, and Sri Atmo. On January 7, 2014, the creation of what they sought became official. The General Meeting of Members of Indonesian Cinematographers (RUA-SI) was held at the Haji Usmar Ismail Film Building and was attended by over seventy members and forty guests. Through this meeting, an executive committee of seven were elected for the 2014-2017 management period: Agni Ariatama, I.C.S, Arief R Pribadi, I.C.S, Arya Tedja, Gunnar Nimpuno, I.C.S, Roy Lolang, I.C.S, Sidi Saleh, and Yudi Datau, I.C.S.


During the management of SI/ICS from 2014 to 2017, several programs, including Wedangan and Seminar, were operated. Wedangan was a monthly film screening program, enriched by conversations with cinematographers from related films. “The Killers” (featuring Gunnar Nimpuno), “GIE” (featuring Yudi Datau), “Laura dan Marsha” (featuring Roy Lolang), and “Dilema” (featuring Yudi Datau) were among them. In addition, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the association ‘SATU TAHUN SINEMATOGRAFER INDONESIA,’ a series of events were held at the Gedung Film MT Haryono; specifically, seminars “Batas memberi bentuk pada apa yang tidak terbatas” by Arief R. Pribadi and “Memotret Wajah Tuhan” by Nur Hidayat. In addition, there was a presentation for members regarding the SKKNI.


Entering the 2019 to 2022 management period, the Indonesian Cinematographer Society has retained several active members from the previous administration. In the management of this period, ICS has already established a Secretariat on Jl. Damai in Ciganjur, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Some new educational programs include Frame by Frame, Kelas Sinematografi, Seminar Titik Nol, Sunset Discussion, and Bicara Sinematografi. Then there are the policy programs, such as the FGD Jam Kerja in collaboration with SINDIKASI and the social program ICS Peduli 2020. In addition, ICS actively sends jury representatives to the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Finally, ICS is implementing a system for accrediting degrees.


Membership in the Indonesian Cinematographers Society is by invitation, based on the ICS Degree Accreditation Mechanism Guidebook, which is separated into practitioner and academic pathways. Aside from that, ICS continues to educate and discuss cinematography with anyone interested in cinematography.


Gunnar Nimpuno

Gunnar Nimpuno

Before being known as a cinematographer for many feature films, Gunnar Nimpuno or familiarly known as Unay - has built up his experience as a videographer in the advertising field for a long time. His experience in this field certainly builds up through his background in visual communication. Apart from feature films, he is also involved in making TV commercials and other visual projects. As for the awards he has won, such as the winner of “Penata Kamera Terpuji” at the Bandung Film Festival for the film Sang Pemimpi (2009) and the winner of the "Pengarah Sinematografi Terbaik" at the Indonesian Film Festival for the film Penyalin Cahaya (2021).




Gladys attended the Jakarta Institute of Arts from 2017-2021, where she earned her Arts degree, majoring in cinematography. Even before she graduated, she had already developed her career as a Camera Assistant for various commercial works such as tv commercials, web series, music videos, etc. Apart from that, she also actively takes a role in the education committee of the Indonesian Cinematographers Society in hopes her role could help to enhance the education for cinematography in Indonesia and make it accessible to many aspiring filmmakers.