Strangers with Memories

30 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian, Javanese | sub. English | All Ages

Official Poster 70 cm x 100 cm


XXI 2 | WED 30 NOV | 15:00


Following six different characters in four different stories: Dimas, a rude and selfish  employee; Roby, a reckless and awkward nerd; Stefanny, a sweet and friendly Lost and  Found clerk; Clara, a nonchalant career woman; Jevi, a gentle but strict train conductor;  and Fajar, a caring and dedicated CSOT (Customer Service On Train) who comes from the outskirt of the city. All become interrelated after they each get involved in a mind boggling life-changing event related to the places where they usually board train for their  daily activities’ needs.


Fajar Nugros


Director’s Filmography


Balada si Roy


Yowis Ben


Cinta Brontosaurus


Production Company

IDN Pictures



Director's Profile

Fajar Nugros

Fajar Nugros

Fajar Nugros is a film director based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout his career, Fajar Nugros already made several social commentary narrative films titled ‘Moammar Emka's Jakarta Undercover’, and a love story about minorities in Indonesia titled ‘Terbang Menembus Langit’. His career continues and becomes more skyrocketing after directing the first Javanese language comedy hit titled ‘Yowis Ben’ where the film reaches more that 2 million admissions and grows into a franchise.

With IDN Pictures, Fajar Nugros continues to making film such as ‘Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal’, an autobiographical film based on life of famous Indonesia’s leading comedy group, ‘Balada si Roy’, a teenage drama film based on legendary novel of the same name, and ‘Inang (The Womb)’ his first Horror film which premiered internationally at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

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