The Long March to Cinema



F ollow the money!!! That’s an old journalistic adage that rings true till today. If you follow this trail, you will realise that China has been constantly threatening Hollywood’s box office dominance in recent years. They are now the number two global box office market in the world.

But lest you think it’s just about a large audience, we know that’s just not true. China’s cinema is a powerhouse today because of its diversity. They can handle everything from explosive action films, film noir, comedies to art house and even ethnic minority cinema. What’s also not particularly true is all that talk about co-productions. There are few such successful projects over the years. Even when co-production treaties were signed for over a decade.

Perhaps the only rational response to that is a cultural exchange of cinema. This is what this special programme sets out to do – to showcase the kind of high standards that you can now find in Chinese film. Hopefully this will translate in an exchange to show more Indonesian film in China next year.

Welcome to our friends from the Shanghai International Film Festival and all filmmakers who helped us with this programme.

Philip Cheah

Festival Curator

Blue Amber

Jie Zhou/97 minutes/2018/ China/Fiction

Birds in Mire

Zhang Wanlin/101 minutes/2018/ China/Fiction

One Night on the Wharf

Han Dong/97 minutes/2017/ China/ Fiction

骑士阿吉 (Five Wishes of Aji)

Zorigt/111 minutes/2018/Mongolia/Fiction

The Road Not Taken

Gaopeng Tang/114 minutes/2018/ China/Fiction