“KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival“ is a film festival for children in Japan, established in 1992. Taking place every year in Tokyo, it is held for the 26th time this year. The mission of KINEKO is screening films that can be enjoyed from 1-year-olds to adults, through which children may come into contact with the art and culture of the world and gain “personality”, “sensibility”, “internationality” and “morality”; films which nurture children’s dreams and hopes and have positive influence on their development.

One charm of KINEKO is “Live Cinema”, where voice actors live dub foreign language films into Japanese.  This screening style allows the viewers to enjoy the film even if they can’t read subtitles or understand the language.

Besides screenings, the festival offers various activities and events for families, including workshops by artists from Japan and abroad, open air cinema, music concerts or hot air balloon ride.

With the establishment of “Japanese Film Competition” in 2016, KINEKO also endeavors to spread quality Japanese films for children in the world. In this competition, the program is comprised of national films which show Japan-unique sceneries, culture and customs, have an artistic touch own to Japanese artists or portray recent situation in Japan.

Three short films which were a part of Japanese Film Competition at KINEKO in 2016 and 2017 are going to be screened this time in the tie-up program at JAFF in Indonesia.

The Grand Prix in Short Film Category of KINEKO 2016 – “Fox Fears” directed by Miyo Sato, which expresses an old-time Japanese legend as well as family ties through creative animation.

The Grand Prix in Short Film Category of KINEKO 2017 – “Matasaburo of the Wind” directed by Hiroki Yamada, which is based on a novel by Kenji Miyazawa, one of the most renowned Japanese authors, and depicts emotions of tender age through a fairytale story in an art style which has a Japanese touch to it.

“Momo and Her Cat” directed by Yuka Imabayashi, which through a simple yet touching story and warm animation allows children to touch upon concepts which may be difficult to explain in words, such as growth or death.

Through the tie-up between JAFF, which is aiming to create a quality program for children, and KINEKO, we hope to contribute to further development of children’s film festivals in Asia.



Komaneko (The First Step)

Tsuneo Goda/5 minutes/2018/ Japan/Fiction

Fox Fears

Miyo Sato/7 minutes/2015/ Japan/Fiction

Momo and Her Cat

Yuka Imabayashi/10 minutes/2016/ Japan/Fiction

Matasaburo of the Wind

Hiroki Yamada/22 minutes/2016/ Japan/Fiction