Sound from the Sea

100 minutes | 2021 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. Bahasa Indonesia | 13+



XXI 4 | WED 30 NOV | 12:15

XXI 3 | FRI 2 DEC | 17:30


Huda, a fish thief in fish auction, decided to leave his home since his mother passed away in addition to abusive behavior of his alcoholic father. Harsh life in the auction site made Huda want to achieve his dream to catch the golden fish in sea. 


Sri, a fish collector, is close with Huda and considers the ‘golden fish’ as a myth. However, Huda is becoming more confident that if he were to catch the golden fish, his life would be happier. In the end, Huda must choose whether to survive in the fish auction site with little hope or go to find the golden fish in desperation.


Khusnul Khitam


Production Company

Aksa Bumi Langit



Director's Profile

Khusnul Khitam

Khusnul Khitam

Khusnul K Hitam was born in 1982. His interest in cinema started When he was a child, he often watched movies with his father. He made his first short film at the age of 20, borrowing an old camera from a friend when he was in college. "Debt", "Ramadhan Charity Box", "Tikus" are some of the short films he wrote and directed. His first feature-length documentary, "Pulejajar", was presented at the documentary film festival-FFD and the WaterDocs International film festival. "Alang-alang (Sound From the Sea)" is his first feature-length film which was shot in his hometown on the north coast of Java Island using non-professional actors as the main characters.

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