Sosok Bunda Dibalik Pasoepati

17 minutes | 2015 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | No Subtitle | 13+



XXI 3 | THU 1 DEC | 15:30


In Indonesia, there has always been a rivalry between football supporters. Rivalries frequently lead to conflicts within the club or with other clubs. Pasoepati”, the Persis Solo’s supporter club, has a highly respected figure known as “Bunda” (Mother).


“Bunda” has been a part of Pasoepati since its establishment. With her motherly approach and professional background as a psychology lecturer, “Bunda” serves as a mediator and problem solver for Pasoepati. “Bunda” Kris Pujiatni seems to dedicate her life to Pasoepati.


Adhi Nauval Ilmi


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Director's Profile

Adhi Nauval Ilmi

Adhi Nauval Ilmi

Adhi Nauval Ilmi is a hard worker who is honest and responsible. Several organizational and work experiences helped Adhi develop various skills, including public speaking, media handling, photography, and videography.

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