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Sang Kolektor Muda

13 minutes | 2015 | Indonesia | Documentary | 🔊 Indonesian, Aceh Malay


Among youngsters his age, a student who likes collecting old manuscripts when others  are not interested in anything related to history.


FRI, 1 DEC 2023 | XXI STUDIO 5 | 16:25

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Muhammad Hendri

Muhammad Hendri

Muhammad Hendri, a director and screenwriter from Aceh, Indonesia, is also the founder and program director of Aceh Menonton. In 2023, together with Lingkar Film Sumatra, he started and organised the Kenduri Serumpun Melayu Film Festival (familiarly known as kendurifilm). A film and television arts graduate of FSMR ISI Yogyakarta, since 2022, he has focused on becoming a master's student in art creation at the ISI Yogyakarta Postgraduate School.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company Aceh Documentary

Producer Azhari

Cinematographer Muhajir

Editor Suhiel Bustami

Notable Achievement

Best film Aceh Documentary Junior (2015) 

Best film Malang Film Festival (2015) 

Juri Recommendation prize film Aceh Film Festival (2015)

Audience’s favorite film Festival Film Pelajar Jogja (2015)

2nd Place film winner Festival Film Pelajar Jogja (2015) 

Best film documentary Festival Film Surabaya (2015) 

Official nominee winner Festival Film Dokumenter (2015) 

Official Selection | Kenduri Serumpun Melayu Film Festival (2023)


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