Ruwat (The Beauty of Letting Go)

Rivandy Ady Kuswara

Ribkah Christy Adiastuti

Production Company
myCinemascope – Logia Studio



Anjani, (8) an ordinary little girl who wants to play, might not be able to play with her friends due to her dreadlocks that makes her special.


In a village in Dieng, lives Dewi Anjani (8), a little girl who is gifted with dreadlocks. Since her hair turned to dreadlocks, Anjani has been having some supernatural friends and becoming a special child. People come seeing her as they believe the dreadlocks bring blessings to the village. Anjani is frequently asked to repel bad yet mysterious things. She and her father, Wani, earn some money for it. However, Anjani misses playing with her friends. She escapes the house by the help of her supernatural friends. But unfortunately, she must face her father who thinks the dreadlocks are a blessing for the family.

Director’s Statement

“When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man” – Stanley Kubrick

Sejak SMA, salah satu keluarga saya, yaitu kakak harus menjalani kehidupan yang berbeda karena anugerah indra keenam. Kebanyakan di usia SMA, mulai diperkenalkan hal-hal yang tidak biasa. Ia tidak ingin melibatkan keluarga ataupun orang lain. Namun anugerah itu tak bisa ditutupi karena pantangan.

Since high school, my brother has to live a different life due to his “gift”, which is the sixth sense. He was introduced to strange stuffs mostly during high school. He does not want to include his family or any other people in this unusual business. But his gift can not be forever hidden because it should not be. My brother attempted to come seeing shamans, doctors, fellow gifted people, but the trial failed because his gift is beyond his control.

Shutting down the sixth sense, according to some people, is the right way to restore the normalcy of my brother’s life. But then again the power beyond his control does not permit that because the gift should be preserved. These spiritual experiences make my brother take a whole new level of responsibility, being different and special while he wants to be a merely normal person with normal life.

I want to make a film based on the thoughts and perspective of someone who is gifted with dreadlocks in fictional narrative. A story about a little girl living in a village whose residents believe that having dreadlocks for a child is a blessing for their village in Dieng, Wonosobo. Since her hair turned into dreadlocks, Anjani lost her playtime and playmates. She, instead, plays with supernatural stuffs most of the time. Anjani just wants to be a child with so much free time to play.

Through Anjani’s stories, I want to discuss with the audience on how we deal with having a blessing we do not want? What is the meaning of life if we can not be what we want? Therefore, this film can be a self-reflection, on which choices we each agree. This film can be a medium for many perspectives on local values and culture, the opposite from judgement and force.

Rivandy Ady Kuswara

Rivandy Ady Kuswara


In the last three years as a filmmaker, Rivandy has directed several short films and commercials. In 2016, his first short film, Ketaman Asmoro, was selected for Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival. In 2017, his second short film, Munggah Kaji, is funded by Program Pitching Pendanaan Film Pemerintah Yogyakarta. His commercials include the ones for Unilever, Biennale Jogja, and V-Kool.

As a filmmaker, he believes that creativity is a priority. He believes in the next few years, video or film will be an influential and efficient medium to spread messages during the growth of various platforms.

Ribkah Christy


Ribkah Christy begins her interest in film production in 2014, starting from her courses at Jogja Film Academy, founding MyCinemascope Production based in Yogyakarta, producing several short films, and distributing them, one of which is Ketaman Asmoro that was selected for JAFF in 2016. She currently prepares for her first feature film.