Bibir Merah Siapa yang Punya

Red Lips

17 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Malay, Indonesian | sub. English | 17+



XXI 4 | TUE 29 NOV | 15:30

XXI 5 | WED 30 NOV | 18:15

World Premiere


Eka Dwi Wadana (25), a trans woman who is trying to get an Identity Card, as a condition so that he can borrow money from a cooperation or union. When applying for an Identity Card (KTP) at the Civil Registration Office, Eka is so difficult to take photos because of his appearance that resembles woman. Some people also look down on Eka with questions that intimidate his personality, even a man tries to use Eka for his personal satisfaction.


Pawadi Jihad


Production Company

Gertak Indonesia



Director's Profile

Pawadi Jihad

Pawadi Jihad

Pawadi Jihad is a writer, director & film producer born July 7, 1988. Starting his career as a video editor, Pawadi has also been involved in the production of feature films such as "Solo, solitude" as 2nd assistant director,
and "Aruna and Her Palate Lidahnya" as unit location manager. Actively producing films and film development activities in West Kalimantan. Some of his short films are often screened at various festivals in Indonesia.
Currently, his latest short film entitled “Red Lips Who Owns” is the 1st in the Short Film Pitching Project – Europe on Screen program. 2021 and world premiere in Europe on Screen 2022.