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Public Presentation Mahafilm Discussion

The Indonesian film industry’s development can be categorized through a sequential mapping of the interconnected film ecosystem, including Education, Exhibition, Archives, Production, Appreciation, and Distribution. The audio-visual medium, particularly cinema, has gained recognition within various educational establishments. Film education is integrated into the curricula and courses of numerous higher education institutions, focusing on film studies. At the secondary school level and others, active participation in the film industry is channeled through various vocational school programs and extracurricular activities that concentrate on the development of the audio-visual medium, including film.

This awareness should be accompanied by adequate preparation concerning the mapping of the ecosystem and the long-term prospects for individual or group participation within the diverse Indonesian film ecosystem.

Maha Film Discussion program provides a platform for vocational/high school teachers and university film students (or those involved in campus film communities as its primary audience, to gain a deeper understanding of the aspects that have a lasting impact on the Indonesian film ecosystem. Through presentation sessions led by two speakers involved in the educational and other film-related ecosystems, the audience is expected to reflect on their positions and contributions in their respective fields.


Venue : LPP 3 – Community Forum

Schedule : Thursday, 30 November 2023

Time : 13:00 – 15:30


Said Nurhidayat

Said Nurhidayat