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Public Presentation LUMIX Creative Universe: How Colors Guide Your Story

As one of Panasonic’s brands, Lumix is a world-renowned DSLM (Mirrorless) camera brand-where the rapid development of digitalization in Indonesia for audio-visual medium creations, one of which is film, encourages Panasonic to commit so that filmmakers and content creators will grow and create an impact on improving the Indonesian creative industry.

Lumix Creative Universe is a tangible form of Panasonic’s support for the advancement of Indonesian creative industry, as well as the implementation of Panasonic’s commitment to increase motivation and provide education and training for talented young filmmakers and creators throughout Indonesia.

Hopefully, this activity can continue and become one of the platforms for Panasonic to interact directly with creators in Indonesia as well as a space to motivate young Indonesian creators to produce their best works and get an improved life.


Venue : LPP 3 – Community Forum

Schedule : Sunday, 26 November 2023

Time : 12:30 – 15:30 WIB


Yehuda Aribowo

Yehuda Aribowo


Benny Kadarhariarto

Benny Kadarhariarto