Keluarga Cemara

Yandy Laurens /110 minutes/2018/ Indonesia/Fiction

After his house and all of his treasure were confiscated by the debt collector, thanks to his brother-in-law, ABAH (35/Ringgo Agus Rahman) was very determined to withstand all of this by staying temporarily in a house in a remote village in West Java. It was his childhood house, inherited by his father. But then his lost his case in the court hence his family were threatened to live in poverty forever.

Abah then had to get use to his new economy status along with his little family; EMAK (35/Nirina Zubir), EUIS (13/Zara JKT48) who was stepping into adolescent and going to experience her first period as well as her first love, also CEMARA/ARA (7/Widuri Puteri) who was a high-spirited child. But not only that, they had to face problems inside their own family which continuously and slowly shook the family’s principle which was “the most valuable treasure is family.”