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Pemukiman Setan

Asian Premiere

95 minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Indonesia, Javanese | English Sub. | Age Rating


Under economic pressures, ALIN pushes GANI to join him with FITRAH & ZIA to rob an antique house. Everything runs smoothly until they find a shackled woman, SUKMA, in the basement. Having thoughts that she is an abused victim, they save her without knowing the aftermath.


By the help of URIP, a paranormal trapped within, they know that Sukma was possessed by MBAH SARAP, a vengeful spirit. In a blink, the terror circle runs amok over a deadly curse in Sukma’s bloodline, that can only be stopped by an ancient dagger hidden somewhere beyond the ultimate quest of the chosen one.


01 DEC 2023 | XXI Studio 1 23:10

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Carles Gozali

Carles Gozali

Charles Gozali has been working in the industry since late 90s as an action director and stuntman in numerous popular action series. His 1st directorial debut was in the year 2000 for a TV series titled "Dua Pelangi", then continued with hits such as "Buce Li" and "Elang". In 2009, Charles venture into the world of cinema with "Rasa", then "Demi Dewi" (2010), "Finding Srimulat" (2013), "Nada Untuk Asa" (2015), ""Juara" (2016), "Sobat Ambyar" (2021), and break into the domestic box office with "Qodrat" in 2022.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company  MAGMA Entertainment in collaboration with Rapi Films

Producer Linda Gozali

Main Cast Maudy Effrosina , Adinda Thomas, Bhisma Mulia

Screenplay Gea Rexy Pradipta and Charles Gozali

Cinematographer Hani Pradigya

Editor Teguh Raharjo

Notable Achievement