Directed by Faozan Rizal

86 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour | sub. English | Indonesia & Singapore, 2019

The story begins in one of the magic shows, where the magician tries to make a little boy vanishing from his magic box. The show turns tragic, as he cannot make this boy come back to the stage. Some famous city magicians come and try to help, but the boy disappears like fog. Many people question him, how he did the trick and what technique he used. The only, what he can say more is that he bought the magic box from ebay and according to the seller, it is an old case which belongs to Herbert Nivelli, the magician of the holocaust. Myth says, that this old case has been used by Nivelli to save people from concentration camp in Auschwitz, through disappearing when entering the magic box. After the war, the case was stolen.


Motel Acacia


Directed by Bradley Liew

88 minutes | Fiction | Colour | o.v. English, Philipino, Thai | sub. English |

Philippines, 2019

JC, a young Filipino man, is forced to take over the family business set by his estranged tyrant father, a lonesome motel in the remote wilderness, providing shelter to illegal immigrants on behalf of the Government. But as JC and the guests soon discover, Motel Acacia is home to a dark and ancient spirit trapped in a bed, which devours men and impregnates women. After the death of his father, JC is set with an impossible task – stopping the men his father failed to kill from escaping whilst still keeping everyone alive. With food running out and a violent blizzard preventing the guests to leave, a desperate fight for survival begins. In an attempt to rid himself from his father’s shadow, JC risks losing his own humanity.