On The Lightness of Being

19 minutes | 2021 | Indonesia | Narrative |
Indonesian | sub. English | 17+



XXI 5 | THU 1 DEC | 18:00

World Premiere


One afternoon, after going home from work, Amar, is in the middle of holding a woman, Seruni, hostage in a storage room. Amar is trying to convince Seruni, that she is his wife, and had been in a romantic relationship as husband and wife, for a few years. However, Seruni strongly responds that she has never seen or encountered Amar.
Amar rebuttals her statements and is searching for concrete proofs, of them being together, however, nothing is found. Seruni’s perception stays with her belief. Both of them argued, with each individual elaborating on the “facts” that they believe, whilst also defending the reality and truth that they stand.


Garry Christian


Production Company

Manungsruah Production




Director's Profile

Garry Christian

Garry Christian

As a child, by watching various films from around the world, and learning film history, Garry started to write stories and screenplays for fiction feature films, when he was twelve years old. He is currently enrolling in Multimedia Nusantara University with the major of “Film”, in order to find and explore his cinematic style to tell stories through the medium of cinema, which he hopes can open discussions between his viewers.

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