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Garin Nugroho

Festival Founder

“Asian – Indonesian films are glowing at Busan,” says a friend from the 2023 Busan International Film Festival, which 20 Indonesian films and approximately 80 Indonesian delegates attended.

“Glowing”, a word popular among young people, signifies a healthy, beautiful, and energized look. It reflects the current condition of Indonesian and Asian cinema. “Luminescene” serves as the theme for the 18th JAFF (Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival), referring to radiance or, expansively, to the concept of a radiant character; the radiance that makes everything “Glowing.”

JAFF was established during an earthquake and volcanic eruption in Jogja, which led to a cessation of public activities. JAFF resembles a candle in a dark room filled with ailing people. It’s a candle that encapsulates the meaning of “Luminescene,” signifying radiance and bringing forth the light or Glow.

JAFF also symbolizes the rejuvenating spirit of Jogja as a “Glowing” small industrial city, complementing Jakarta. Purposefully, JAFF nurtures the emergence of “Glowing” film professionals, including the generation represented by Yosep Anggi Noen.

Nonetheless, festivals, as sources of radiance, always require an evolving ecosystem. Consequently, JAFF consistently endeavors to evaluate its work while providing place for fresh growth across various aspects of its programs.

Last year, JAFF conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to examine JAFF’s growth and challenges. Presently, JAFF is developing the Lab as a sanctuary for the new generation to thrive. The Lab embodies a network and collaboration with various international film organizations, fostering creativity, knowledge, skills, appreciation, and distribution.

For us, the festival’s mission is to radiate, even if it’s modest, for the future undertakings of Indonesian and Asian cinema.