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21 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Indonesia | English Sub. 


Tells the story of a son’s journey named Adrian, to search for his father’s spirit to complete all his life affairs. Adrian is assisted by Dharma a psychic who helps spirits to meet with someone they want to meet before their 40th day of departure. Adrian then meets with a spirit named Karjo who was on the bus looking for his family. Adrian must meet his father before the 40th day of his departure.


WED, 29 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 5 | 12:15

Director's Biography

Albertus Nico Wicaksono

Albertus Nico Wicaksono

Albertus Nico Wicaksono makes short movies, music videos and a film essay. He is a film student who recently made a collaborative short movie project with his classmate called “Memorabilia”, he believed film gave him an opportunity to live so many lives, to feel and understand people and a great medium for hearing and giving people voice.

Cast & Crew

Production Company Jogja Film Academy

Producer Aji Rahardian Kusuma & Gashendo Farhan

Main Cast Aksara Dena as Adrian Freddy Rotterdam as Supir Bus

Screenplay Andika Wahyu Adi Putra

Cinematographer Chananda Soeherman

Editor Hizkia Fabio

Notable Achievement

Best Visual (Festival Film Bulanan 2022)


Dua Sisi (Sutradara)

Blindman Who Sing (Sutradara)

Pesan Untuk Indonesia (Sutradara)

Memorabilia (Sutradara)

Pindah ke Bulan (Sound Director)

Sedia Kala (Sound Director)