Marsiti & Sapi-sapi

Marsiti & The Bulls

19 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian - Madura | sub. English | 13+

Poster Marsiti


XXI | SAT 26 NOV | 19:30

XXI 5 | WED 30 NOV | 13:15

World Premiere


Marsiti (15) a girl who has a dream to win buffalo race. She was trained by her late father and inherited two buffalos. Her mom wanted to sell the buffalos to Haji Roni, his father competitor. Marsiti was angry and stole the buffalos with the help of her two best friends, Ponidi (18) and Marjuki (17). They took the buffalos to Sumber Agung where the race was big and the price was high. 


The problem is, there is no woman rides the buffalos on the race before. Not in Marsiti’s village, not in Sumber Agung nor any other place in the world. 

She was rejected by the race organizers that was managed by Haji Roni, her father nemesis but the buffalos were allowed to race as long as she’s not the rider. Marsiti was begging Ponidi to ride her buffalos even though she knew Ponidi was too heavy to win the race. She has other plan to hijack the buffalos and to prove to the people that she can ride the buffalos.


Wisnu Surya Pratama


Production Company

Palari Films, Vision+



Director's Profile

Wisnu Surya Pratama

Wisnu Surya Pratama

Wisnu Surya Pratama is an Indonesian film director and writer that has worked in the industry since 2005. He worked mostly for documentary film, short fiction and TV commercials. Marsiti and the Buffalos is his third short fiction. The previous short fictions are Ella, part of Belkibolang omnibus and Rock N’ Roll. One of his documentaries titled Song Bird was awarded as Special Jury mention at 10th Muscat International Film Festival.

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