Look At Me, Touch Me, Kiss Me

114 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea | Narrative | Indonesian, Malay, Korean | sub. English & Korean | 13+



XXI 4 | MON 28 NOV | 20:15

XXI 4 | WED 30 NOV | 17:00

Indonesia Premiere


Chapter 1: Kuala Lumpur

“Look At Me”

Nana had to work in an illegal loan company because she had a huge debt. Go-kart racing gives her a chance to break free from her miserable life. The go-kart owner Adam is attracted to Nana, and slowly the silent heart is awakened by the ripples. Pandemic makes things unpredictable, and Adam decides to help Nana pay back her debt regardless of everything.


Chapter 2: Jakarta

“Touch Me” 

This is a story about Ben, a photographer-turned-bar-owner who once had a crush on Nay, a model, who had just divorced. They meet again after 5 years, finding a touch of serendipity in each other.


Chapter 3: Korea

“Kiss Me”

Gi-nam is an excavator driver, he has never kissed but is in love with a woman – So-yeon. So-yeon works for the so-called “Kiss room”. After Gi-nam finds out So-yeon is in trouble, she decides to sell her excavator to save So-yeon. 


After going through many ups and downs, So-yeon never imagined that she would be able to find love, especially during this turbulent epidemic.


Djenar Maesa Ayu, Ho Yuhang, Kim Tai Sik


Production Company

Sinemavio & Trimoving PicturesVLP, Happy Together Pictures, Film Line




Director's Profile

Kim Tai Sik

Kim Tai Sik

After majoring in film studies at Seoul Institute of the Arts, KIM went to study in Japan in 1980. After studies at Japan Institute of the Moving Image, majoring in film directing, he worked since 1986 as a coordinate producer for film, TV and commercials in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. He was selected as the 1st Berlinale Talents at the 53rd Berlin International Film Festival for his short film 32nd DEC: Where is Mr. President? (2003). His first feature film Driving With My Wife's Lover (2007) was invited to over 30 international film festivals, including Sundance, Rotterdam IFF, and the film won nine awards. A Korean-Japanese co- production film Tokyo Taxi (2010) is his second feature. KIM had continued to expand his creative scope through his films Red Vacance Black Wedding (2011) and Heartbreak Hotel (2015). Recently, he directed the Filipino-Korean co-production film Sunshine Family (2020)

 Ho Yuhang

Ho Yuhang

Yuhang Ho lahir di Malaysia. Dia adalah seorang sutradara dan aktor yang terkenal berkat: "Rain Dogs太阳雨" (2006) yang memenangkan dua penghargaan: Sutradara Terbaik di Festival des 3 Continents dan Sutradara Baru Terbaik di Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. "In The End Of Daybreak 心魔" (2009) dan "Mrs K" (2016). "Folklore" (HBO horror series, 2017), "The Ghost Bride" (Netflix; 2019)

Djenar Maesa Ayu

Djenar Maesa Ayu

Dikenal sebagai sastrawan, pemeran, penulis skenario, sutradara dan produser. Ia telah menerbitkan 6 buku kumpulan cerpen, sebuah novel dan menyutradarai 5 film panjang, 1 film pendek dan 1 film omnibus.

Film pertamanya, 'MEREKA BILANG, SAYA MONYET! meraih piala citra untuk Skenario Adaptasi Terbaik. Film ketiganya 'NAY' mendapat penghargaan NETPAC AWARD kategori Best Asian Feature Film di Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2015.
Djenar menyutradarai film pendek pertamanya 'TRIS' di tahun 2021 dan memenangkan Best Picture & Favorite Short Film IFF Melbourne Short Film Competition 2022.