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111 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesia | sub. English | 17+



XXI 1 | SUN 27 NOV | 19:45

XXI 2 | MON 28 NOV | 17:00


Lisa, a 17 years old girl, throws herself into porn and self pleasures due to stress from her worsening relationship with her recently remarried mother, who is also pressuring her to have a religious conversion.

Her best friend, Sarah, is the only one who knows about her plight. They have a tight relationship, as they feel that the only thing they have in this world is each other.

Alas, Lisa’s addiction eventually comes between them. Lisa’s obsession brings her face to face with Fita, a woman who was in a viral sex tape. While Sarah’s own loneliness drives her to the arms of Devan, a fully adult male.


Gina S. Noer


Director’s Filmography


First, Second & Third Love 



Saiyo Sakato (TV Mini Series) 



Dua Garis Biru



Production Company


Wahana Kreator





Director's Profile

Gina S. Noer

Gina S. Noer

Gina S. Noer (August 24, 1985) is an Indonesian screenwriter, producer, and film director. She's also the co-founder and Head of IP Initiative of Wahana Kreator Nusantara: a story based company that consists of workshop for aspiring filmmakers, story/IP development, and production house.

Her vast filmography as a screenwriter includes two of the most successful films post-reformation era in the Indonesian box office, Ayat-Ayat Cinta (2008/co write with Salman Aristo) with 3.5 million audience and Habibie & Ainun (2012/co write with lfan Ismail), which earned 4.6 million audiences. Her debut as producer, Keluarga Cemara has earned 1,/ million audience. Dua Garis Biru is her directorial debut.

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