Zan, Mard, Bache

Like a Fish on the Moon

78 minutes | 2022 | Iran | Narrative | Farsi (Iran) | sub. English | 13+



XXI 1 | MON 28 NOV | 14:30

XXI 2 | THU 1 DEC | 12:00

Asian Premiere


Haleh is a very protective mother, who easily spoils her 4 years-old boy, Ilya. When one day the boy stops talking, Haleh and her husband Amir start searching for the reason and the remedy for this sudden mutism. The more they try to talk to the boy or consults experts, the worst things are becoming in the couple and the family.


Domaz Hajiha


Director’s Filmography


Marziyeh (Short)



Marlon (Short)



Under the Same Roof (Short)


Production Company

Asian Shadows



Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2022 Official Selection

Vancouver International Film Festival 2022 

Official Selection

Director's Profile

Domaz Hajiha

Domaz Hajiha

Born in 1988 in Tehran, Dornaz HAJIHA received her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Al Zahra University, Tehran, in 2011. She worked as a photographer and graphic designer while attending film workshops with maestros Asghar Farhadi and Bahram Beyzayi. HAJIHA entered London Film School in 2013. She completed her MA in Film Production and graduated with distinction in 2015. She made short films as well as a documentary, for which she was the writer. Her latest shorts, “Marziyeh and Marlon”, produced in 2017, have been shown and awarded in numerous film festivals.

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