13 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+



XXI 4 | SUN 27 NOV | 12:00

LPP | FRI 2 DEC | 19.00


1965, Jakarta. Surya and Indah are threatened when a squad of soldiers raid their home. A flashbang is tossed into the house and explodes in front of them. 2010, Surya and Indah spend their older days dealing with each other’s flaws which frequently lead to arguments. However, in the end, they understand each other and respect their devotion to each other thus far.


Esra Desvita


Production Company

Folklore Media




Director's Profile

Esra Desvita

Esra Desvita

Esra Desvita Siagian was born on December 29, 2000, in Jakarta. She founded Folklore Media (PT. Media Stories Kita) with her two partners in early 2021.

Her thesis film, "Kama" (2022), was selected as one of the 30 Association Recommendations Films for the Indonesian Film Festival's short film category. She currently producing films independently to submit to national and international film festivals. She is a recipient of short film funding Creative Lens program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's in November 2022

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