Tilte : Terjebak

Director : Candra Aditya

Contact: erma_azam@yahoo.com / +6285717566850


Amy (23) is a beautiful young girl who works as a barista. Her nature, unfortunately, is a complete contradictory to her beautiful face. Amy is pretty heinous in front of somebody new.

One day she receives a call from an ex-friend, with whom she used to hang out a long time ago, named Ali. Since Amy needs some distractions from work, she agrees to meet him.

The next day, Amy meets Ali. However, Ali is not alone. He brings his other buddies, Mike and Enrico.

Amy almost decides to leave because she feels trapped by the three young men, especially because her past relationship with Enrico did not go so well. 

Ali is eager to make Amy stay because he needs her.

“Please, we need you. First, because we need more people, and second is because we need a girl.” Said Ali.

Amy is confused at Ali’s request. Ali then tells her that he has impregnated his girlfriend, and now he needs all of them to play roles as Ali’s family to propose to his girlfriend.

Amy thinks that Ali is exhibiting some kind of jokes on her, but Ali is dead serious.

“You know how my real family would react, My. Please help me this time. I promise I will not bother you with any nonsense unless they are true urgencies.”

Amy finally agrees though not entirely sincere. 

The four of them, with very different ethnical backgrounds, come to Ali’s girlfriend’s house, each with disguise as Ali’s family members. On the way to the house, they organize a script regarding their family tree.

They are confident that their script is pretty credible to make Ali’s girlfriend’s parents believe in them.

When they all arrive at the house, it turns out Ali’s girlfriend’s family has prepared a very grand proposal party.

Amy, Enrico, Mike, and Ali are attacked with panic. This is only the peak of the chaotic iceberg they are going to face for the next seven days.


Being able to laugh your heart out amidst the darkness of the cinema room is one of my favourite things in the world. Watching comedy films is, in fact, my personal effective way to release the stress I attain from too much working or from any personal problems. There is this feeling of good surprise within myself when I laugh with the other strangers attending the same comedy film at the cinema.

I will never forget that one time I went to the cinema to watch Janji Joni. I did laugh so much, but other than that, I found the true calling of my identity. Making people laugh, I thought, would be a very great job to do. Making people forget about their problems once they are seated comfortably inside the cinema would be this particular blessing for me. Since then, I have always said to myself that, “I want to make people feel what I feel at this current moment.”

It is true that in today’s civilization, finding good reasons to laugh at is almost impossible. There is too much fraction which would potentially cause conflicts between the people. This is probably caused by the nation’s political situation, which gets too stressful over time or, it is just us starting to lose patient over everything. It is so sad to think that being happy nowadays is a very hard thing to do. Now every issue is a tool of hatred to break us apart.

In the middle of this situation, the idea behind Terjebak appeared.

I incorporate different ethnic groups in Terjebak not only because they would make great comedy elements, but also that their presence would remind us that no matter what colour your skin is and from which ethnic group you come from, we all stand in the same position. We are all equal. 

It may sound too cliché. It may sound too abominating. But you will never know such concept, in the mind of most people, is still something so strange even peculiar. They think that the concept of “we are all same beings” is something too horrifying to be accepted. Even worse, these people prefer the concept of “we are all different beings” to address the fact that their group is more dominant than the others.

Through Terjebak, I would like to laugh at such thing, such idea or concept. I would like to invite the audience to see and realize that we are all fundamentally the same beings. We are humans, strengthen by our powers and weakened by our weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is more dominant than the others.

I hope very modestly. I just want to make people laugh. I want to entertain the people. I want the people to watch and enjoy Terjebak with all its humours and funny moments through friendship between the characters. Probably the people could also laugh at themselves. 

I hope that Terjebak could open the people’s mind so that their judgments towards particular ethnic groups could be wisely filtered. I also hope that Terjebak could bring all of us into one state of laughing so honestly in the middle of the cinema room for such situation has been longed to happen.


Candra Aditya is a writer and filmmaker. He writes for media platforms, such as DetikHot and Provoke! Magazine. His short films including Ngabuburit and Dewi Pulang have been screened at local and international film festivals. This Binus International graduate is also the creator of a webseris entitled Anjas for Provoke! Magazine’s YouTube channel. Terjebak is planned to be his very first feature.