Tilte : Sruni

Director : Muhammad Ridwan

Contact: / +6285250349317


Sruni is a beautiful woman who lives in a village named Kemulyan. Kemulyan means ‘honor’ which ironically is not what happened there. She lives with her foster uncle named Ronggo, and her everyday life is spent by dancing for a ngamen group (street work) in a market every morning. The village itself is known for being barren for more than twenty years. The land there cannot be planted and nothing but weeds will grow, even Sruni and people her ages never see rain or what is it like going outside the village. In addition to that, there is a plague that surge around the village which makes women cannot bear a child. Even women having ‘period’ is a mere myth.

The thing happens due to the people who are dominated by old men believed in their ancestors who said that only a selected woman can bear a child and some men are appointed to have child with her through some annual rituals.


Sruni is the one who will tell a story about a woman who has been destined to have a special life, meaning being restrained by the upheld local custom in a barren village. Sruni is a picture of a woman who has no liberty. She is the reflection of many other women who can only pray because the way the custom is upheld makes it seems like it is a God-made hence it cannot be denied. Women are special, for she carries and bears a child. But in this particular village, Sruni will be the most special woman among others because she is the only one who can bear a child while the others cannot. The situation makes it impossible for her to love the man she choose. The burden of being a breeding tool as if she is an animal; foregoing humanity for the so called custom; are the things that will be captured in this film.

I hope Seruni can be an example to show the struggle women must go through to earn liberty in the world where the majority of women still have no free-will on their own lifes.


Muhammad Ridwan is one of the men who dreams of being an Indonesian director. The man is known as Muhammad Ridwan BE in his films. He was born in Klaten, January 18th 1996 and in order to achieve his dream, he started his study in Education in Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta in 2013 and graduated in 2018. During his study period of five years, he made short films some of which won in national and international festivals. Like his short film titled Mimi lan Mintuna which got numerous awards such as, Best Film, Best Director, Best Best Camera Work, Best Editor, Best Music Arranger, Best Actor and Best Actress in Festival Film Indie Lampung 2016, Best Director in Salatiga Film Festival 2017 and Best Film in Toraja Film Festival 2017. He also made a short documentary titled Ledhek that won Best Film in Solo Documentary Film Festival 2016. In his last year of study, he made a short film titled Sepanjang 2006 which hopefully can go around meeting its viewers like his other shorts.