Tilte : Pulang

Director : Bambang “Ipoenk” K.M

Contact: damar.ardi@yahoo.com / +6285643191292


Satriya (26 years old), a student activist, was hunted by the military. He was picked up  from school by Adam (29 years old), his older brother. Adam said their father was ill so he replaced him. On the way, Satriya found out that Adam was a military member who was in charge of capturing activists. Satriya ran away from Adam. And at the same time, the other military are also chasing down activists. Because of their childhood memories and the strong bond between the two, Adam decided to save his brother even though he had to face the other military members and made bet on his life.


The film is set around the time right before Indonesia Reformation, 1997-1998. The gripping times when demonstration happened almost everyday, led by college students and scholars who demanded for a reformation. I remember there were a lot of clashes, between people and apparatus, among the people themselves, between the ones who agreed with reformation and the ones who were not. And the most nasty one is the kidnapping done by apparatus towards the pro-reformation activists.

It made me affraid, traumatic even to say my own opinion. Affraid of being kidnapped and be gone just like that. I think it was the price of a changing nation. But reformation happened, a win for the people, hope began to spread for the new leader was selected by democracy, hope for the better wellfare for the people, the abolishment of corruption, collution and nepotism, and of course the hope for freedom of scpeech, the equality in front of the law for all of Indonesians. What happens now is that reformation is used for personal benefits only, under the name of freedom; free hate speech, free for not being a tolerant, free to justify corruption, collusion and nepotism; in the end, the people are the ones who are affected the most.

To be honest, when I was planning this film, I put a lot of considerations. I want to convey things I feel as a way to free myself from the trauma, without having to open the old wounds or offending people who do not support reformation, and also I want to remind people that we still have a lot of homeworks to earn the true reformation. I want to depict the history of this nation’s reformation from the perspective of a family, a siblings, a personal decision that can change a person’s way of thinking and their perspective.

I think Indonesia’s reformation can be start from each individual. From the smallest thing like starts to be more honest, discipline, and accepting differences. I think Indonesia is a big family formed by a lot of individual, and if each of us willing to change our mentality I believe the real agenda of reformation will be achieved. We are always faced with two big decisions, start to do it or stay silent and back to be losers.


Bambang “ipoenk” K. M started playing with videos in the middle of 2001, he has a personal video project named videorobber, which has released two compilations (videorobber #1/2007, videorobber #2/2011). He participated in several exhibitions in different countries. His latest films are Love Paper (2013), Memulai Kembali (2013), Amarta (Gadis dan Air) (2015), and Ayo Main! (2017), all under the production house Lajar Tantjap Film.