Tilte : Nyanyian Sahara

Director : Zhaddam Aldhy Nurdin

Contact: filmsflood@gmail.com / +6282196980202


A boy named Rian (11 years old) was friends with a cow, Sahara, which was given by his father. They were often playing together with his four friends: Bahar, Ayos, Marni, and Jodi. But, problems started to come in his family. Harto (30 years old), the right hand of a loan shark named Mr. Nas, came and asked his mother (45 years old) to pay his father’s debt. Rian was so sad seeing his family condition and there is only one hope, Rian had to sell Sahara in order to save his household.

Rian was forced to sell Sahara to Mr. Sulaiman (49 years old), a new rich man in the village. They did transaction and Mr. Sulaiman gave his money in advance then asked Rian to take care of Sahara days before the party start. Rian then gave the money to Harto. The next day, Sahara was gone. Rian’s exciting and thrilling adventure with his four friends began until the Sahara was found and then lost forever.


This film tries to describe the emotional connection between humans and other living things (animals) by using simple story lines and economic factors (loan sharks) in a village.

I want to describe the feelings between humans, other living things (animals), and economic problems that go through certain experiences such as feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, moved, depressed, struggle to sacrifice the sense of belonging, self-esteem, pleasure when getting a little attention or love from others, feeling when experiencing rejection, jealousy, prejudice, guilt, shame and hatred. Basically this is a story of life struggle from a small family, living in a village, who has big hopes of staying in their homeland.


Zhaddam Aldhy Nurdi is a Makassar Sea Screen Academy 2012 and Institut Kesenian Makassar graduate, founder of Imitation Film Project, and Universitas Fajar Makassar postgraduate student. He is a producer and director whose films has been screened in several National and International Festivals. Those films are Full Moon, screened at 2015 International Scientific Film Festival in Szolnok, Hungaria 2015; Sebatang Untuk 2 Nafas Binatang nominated in Festival Film Pohon, Gogor 2016 and African Smartphone International Film.