Tilte : Laskar Laron (Mayflies in The Mayhem)

Director : Diego Batara Mahameru

Contact: / +6285695958201


At one of the main streets in Jakarta shows a devastating scene of a bombing aftermath…

Back to the beginning that triggers to this violent case, the story will be unfolded through the middle-class conservative Muslim family in Jakarta. They live happily with 4 family members, who are — ADAM, a 16-year-old high-school student; IMAM, the father who works as an importer of olive oil; ALIYAH, a 6-year-old girl who is the youngest, and SULASTRI, the mother who connects the whole family together. Until Sulastri passes away from illness, the feeling of deep sorrow becomes the only thing that intertwines them.

As a representative of the students, Adam introduces the lifestyle at his school to INDAH, a new female transferred student. Indah introduces Adam to a colorful perspective of life, especially the aesthetic of instrumental jazz music. Adam falls in love for the first time.

It is the opposite of his father, Imam, starts to attend the weekly sermon led by ANTO. Anto introduces Imam to the new cult led by a man who calls himself JAFAR ABDURAHMAN, depicted like a prophet of the extremist group named Darul Fajar (House of the Dawn). Anto gradually introduces Imam to the ideology of Darul Fajar and welcomes him not as the newbie, but as an important member of the group. Imam once again starts to find acceptance that he has longed for and slowly devotes himself to Darul Fajar.

Meanwhile, Aliyah has been experiencing emptiness as if she has lost the compass of life. Aliyah starts to join Imam to the weekly sermon and follows Imam’s new practical belief.

Because the false promises from Darul Fajar regarding the family reunion in heaven, Imam finally determines to plunge his two children into suicide bombings. Imam lies to take them to a family trip to the sea. Instead, their destination is heading to a church. The car explodes, left only the dead bodies of Adam, Aliyah, and a handful of victim people near the blasted area. Only Imam is destined to survive to face the consequences of his brutal act.


In May 2018, a bomb exploded in several churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya. A police investigation shows that the action was carried out by one family, and it was the first case committed by the entire member of the family, including the children in Indonesian history. The story proves that even though Indonesia has always been considered as a moderate Muslim-majority country in the eyes of the world, we are gradually stepping into the circle of radicalization by certain parties.

I was astonished by this certain case as now the dangerous radical ideology can infiltrate the smallest social unit of society. It is so contrasted with what we have learnt about the role of family as our first social environment, providing comfort and sense of security for all members. Although this film is not a biopic from the perpetrator of real events, it is my effort to form the essence of inner conflict between family affection and radical ideology that strongly affect the survival of each member within the family.


Diego Batara Mahameru (aka Deo) is an independent filmmaker based in Jakarta, Indonesia. After graduated in political science major, Diego worked as a video journalist and has already covered several major historical events inthe local area. His career as a filmmaker starts with a short film Calon (2015), which is about the first meeting between a guy and his girlfriend’s Muslim conservative father. It got selected in several domestic film festivals including Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival, Aceh Film Festival, and Yogyakarta Art Festival. He continued his works with a short film The Nameless Boy (2017), which portrays the real situation of mass demonstration against blasphemy case of Jakarta former governor from the eye of a young boy during the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election. The film was selected in several international circuits, such as Singapore International Film Festival, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, and Bali International Film Festival. Diego is also actively participating in international workshops or fellowship programs, such as ASEAN-ROK FLY Film Leader Incubator and is currently studying in Busan Asian Film School (AFIS).