Entering the 13th year of JAFF, this year we are back with the program which provides a place to collect freshly new ideas for the film industry, namely Jogja Future Project. This program aimed to select 10 film project titles which have developed their storylines, scripts, production designs until their post-production stage or the editing stage. The selected 10 are having the chance to meet face to face with film professionals from Indonesia as well as abroad.

JFP is a collaborative program whose main goal is giving a chance for young talents to develop their skills in film making. Through this program, JAFF as a festival which focuses on the development of Asian cinemas and independent filmmakers, hopes to help their carrier in the future by providing them the access to meet the professionals. In its second year, JFP is happening in November 30th until December 3rd and is one of JAFF 2018’s seeded programs.

New Colors in Asian Film Industry

By. Said Nurhidayat

Difficulties regarding the funding of film productions have been experienced at least annually by the filmmakers. Though it seems to be a never ending problem, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) always tries to seek for solutions to the problem for JAFF aims to be a festival gathering all lines involved in the cinematic world.

Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival offers some newly-brewed solutions to escape the funding problem through a pitching competition called Jogja Future Project, in which young filmmakers and the investors meet face to face. The solutions provided in this competition will cover the problems faced from the production to the distribution processes.  Upon its second year, Jogja Future Project has been attracting more people to participate. Hopefully the agenda could be held annually. This year, particularly, Jogja Future Project will widen the spaces for the young filmmakers and investors to meet.

Jogja Future Project as a competition does not limit the participations from the professionals only, but from the upcoming talents as well. This program could be their very first experience, which hopefully, could drive them into the real world of film industry. In other words, Jogja Future Project also takes the role as one of their study spaces. It is impossible to deny that JAFF itself is considered as the most popular display platform in Indonesia, in which the participants could easily get the spotlight which will then lead them to prestigious positions, especially when they become one of the nominations. Believe it or not, Jogja Future Project could be a tool to jack up the popularity of the filmmakers or their production houses. Considering these points, the positive outcomes of Jogja Future Project are hoped to fill out the plain and blank spaces in Asian film industry with new characterized colors.        

Greetings from Hanoman!

Warna Baru Perfilman Asia

By. Said Nurhidayat

Keluhan akan kesulitan pendanaan sebuah produksi film menjadi penyakit menahun bagi filmmaker. Namun, hal tersebut tidak menyurutkan Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF)  untuk memberikan solusi-solusinya sebagai sebuah festival yang mampu mempertemukan semua lini dalam dunia perfilman.

Perhelatan Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) menawarkan beberapa terobosan bagi pendanaan dalam film melalui sebuah kompetisi pitching yang mempertemukan sineas – sineas muda berbakat dengan investor. Terobosan yang ditawarkan meliputi produksi hingga distribusi film melalui sebuah program kompetisi bertajuk Jogja Future Project. Memasuki tahun kedua, program Jogja Future Project semakin diminati. Agenda ini akan berusaha konsisten setiap tahunnya. Tahun ini, Jogja Future Project mendapat perhatian meluas dari sineas muda dan investor.

Jogja Future Project sebagai sebuah kompetisi tidak hanya terbatas untuk kalangan profesional, namun bagi pendatang baru. Program ini menjadi pengalaman pertama mereka yang mampu menjadi bekal ketika mereka bertemu dengan dunia industri film sesungguhnya. Jogja Future Project sekaligus berperan sebagai salah satu ruang belajar mereka. Sulit dipungkiri bahwa JAFF merupakan ruang display yang cukup menggiurkan bagi para pelakunya untuk meraih posisi prestisius dan gengsi tersendiri ketika mereka meraih salah satu nominasinya. Secara langsung maupun tidak, Jogja Future Project dapat menaikkan nilai jual secara personal filmmaker maupun Production House yang menggawanginya. Dengan adanya hal-hal tersebut, diharapkan hasil dari Jogja Future Project dapat memberikan warna baru perfilman Asia.

Salam Hanoman!



Award and funding support worth IDR 30,000,000, IDR 20,000,000 and IDR 10,000,000 for three best projects respectively selected by jury members.



Post Production Fund

Workflow Color Lab and Film Mastering (DCP) facilities by Super8mm.



Indonesia Film Financing

Collaborating Project With AKATARA on 2019


RED Digital Cinema

20 days loan of the RED Digital Cinema camera  equipment worth USD 25,000



Angga Sasongko

Angga Sasongko


Angga Sasongko is an Indonesian film director and the founder of Visinema Group, a studio and content development company. In 2014, Visinema’s debut production Cahaya Dari Timur: Beta Maluku, won The Citra Award for Best Picture in Festival Film Indonesia, the country’s most prestigious film award. His other films also gained recognition and appreciation both from Indonesian and international film industry, including Surat Dari Praha (2016), Indonesia’s official entry for the Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film.

Eddie Cahyono

Eddie Cahyono


Born in Yogyakarta, April 2nd 1977, Eddie Cahyono is a Media Recording graduate of Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta. He established Fourcolors Film in 2001 and started to produce a short film which won Best Short Fiction Film in Festival Film-Video Independen 2001. In 2003, his film Bedjo Van Derlaak was awarded Berst Short Film in Bali International Film Festival. In 2007, he made a short film titled Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan and got the Best Film awards in Festival Film Konfiden. In 2014, he finished his second film, Siti, and awarded as Best Script both in Shanghai International Film Festival and Indonesia Film Festival. The film Siti was screened in Rotterdam International Film Festival and Telluride Film Festival.

Meiske Taurisia

Meiske Taurisia


Meiske Taurisia entered film business in 2004, and co-founded babibutafilm in 2007 which produced highly provoking independent films in Indonesia that challenged local censorship; therefore these films were never screened at the commercial theaters. The titles are Blind Pig who Wants to Fly (2008, Fipresci Award), Postcards from the Zoo (2012, Berlinale), Rocket Rain (2013, Karlovy Vary). In 2015, she produced three short films entitled The Fox Exploits the Tiger’s Might (Cannes), Following Diana (Toronto l), Love Story Not (Busan). In 2016, she produced a documentary film titled Cuts, premiered at IDFA. In 2013, she initiated Kolektif, a film distribution platform that promotes independent film. In 2015, together with Edwin, she established Kinosaurus, an art house cinema that focuses on promoting film and its diversity for public in general. In 2016 she established Palari Films together with Muhammad Zaidy, and produced Possessive (2017, in post-production) and Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash at APM 2016 that won the Busan Award for the most promising project; both were directed by Edwin. Palari Films strives to produce quality films and at the same time releases them in the commercial theaters.




The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is an American company that manufactures digital cinematography and photography cameras and accessories. Red Digital Cinema was founded in 2005 by Jim Jannard, The company started with the intent to deliver an affordable 4k digital cinema camera.



AKATARA is a national event initiated by Badan Perfilman Indonesia (Film Departement of Indonesia) with BERKAF to support the funding in the ecosystem of Indonesia’s film industry: film infrastructures, film schools, festivals, applications, libraries, et cetera. It also fund the production of Indonesia’s film at every stage including short films, features, fictions, documentaries, and animations. AKATARA is the place where the meeting between selected proposals and funding parties happened. Be it local or international, AKATARA welcomes anyone who seriously committed in the film business.



Super 8mm studio works on the film industry and audiovisual media which focuses on the post-production process. It has been established since 2010; initially it was a mere home studio called “framepoint” and later developed into a creative studio named Super 8mm Studio. Super 8mm Studio performs several post-production works ranging from offline editing, online editing, color grading, and visual effect (CGI). We have cooperated with numerous production houses including MNC Pictures, Mizan Production, Dapur Film, KG Film, LimaEnam Film, Fourcolours Film, Sinema Imagi, Bosan Berisik Lab, and many others. Diverse directors have also collaborated with us, among others Beni Setiawan, Ismail Basbeth, Garin Nugroho, Hanung Bramantyo, John De Rantau, Ifa Isfansyah, Yosep Anggi Noen, Kuntz Agus, Kamila Andini, Angga Dwi Sasongko, Andi Bachtiar Yusuf, BW Purba Negara, Bayu Prihantoro, and some other directors actively contributing to television and film industries. Its TV series includes Bima Satria Garuda (Bandai Japan), Dosa (Astro TV), Antologi Kriminal (Kompas TV), etc. Super 8mm also works on web series industry and takes part in Puang-Pulang Ganteng, Ben & Jodi (Filosofi Kopi), Aqua series “Temukan Indonesiamu”, and so forth. Super 8mm Studio will maintain its role as a creative space particularly in post-production processes and post-production technology workflow.



Virtue Media started as post-production company in 2008 which is located in Jakarta before its expansion as a media company. We are creative individuals that combine audio visual arts and technology to produce Masterpiece. Virtue Media offers editing services for TVCs and Film, also colouring technics, 3D Animation, Motion Graphic, and Audio-post. Virtue Media always uses technology and sophisticated application to produce our creative arts.



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