Master Class: Mastering Your Film 


30 NOVEMBER 2018 | 10:00 – 16:00 WIB

ADMISSION FEE: Rp 250.000,-


Founder FOCUSED Equipment



obin is a multi-award wining versatile filmmaker, who directs, produces and edit films, music videos, PSAs and TV commercials.  Even though his strengths are in talent direction and storytelling, Robin never neglects the visual details in his work and he is open to a variety of challenges in directing. He is a strong believer of regeneration and has dedicated whatever spare time he has mentoring young filmmakers.  He is also the founder of FOCUSED equipment, a equipment rental specializing in providing customized workflow solutions.



Director (Singapore), Workflow Consultant


A Director who is gifted both creatively and technically, Ian is able to understand all the various components that make up a film. And as an explorer of bleeding-edge & nascent, Ian is constantly using new digital technologies in his work to push the limits of what’s possible.

As a result of these uncommon qualities that set him apart, Ian is a sought-after individual, and he has been privileged to work on many international co-productions, and in various capacities. First in documentaries, then in narrative feature films.

While he was still a Managing Director at Widescreen Media Pte Ltd (of which he is one of the founders), he supervised post production for broadcast programmes & feature films, and helped spearhead Stereoscopic 3D production in Asia.

And as part of his job scope at Widescreen, he developed bespoke workflows for 2D & S3D production and post-production. This required him to find high-quality yet cost-effective ways to lead products all the way from shoot, to post, to final delivery on the cinema screen.

This is a benefit he continues to to bring to every project he directs today – that balance of creative fervour with technical acumen.

Ian also likes to take experiences learnt on the ground and develop them into talks, courses and classes. He has taught professionals and tertiary institutions on workflow, post-production, RAW and Stereoscopic 3D, in order to dispel misconceptions the media industry has about these new technologies.

Nowadays, Ian specialises in corporate, commercial and narrative work.