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JAFF ARCHIVE: “Mengarsipkan Festival, Dan Festival Yang Mengarsip”

Yayasan Sinema Yogyakarta Film Archive and Research (JAFF Archive) started rescuing film archives since 2022. This year JAFF Archive will release one of the activation programs called JAFF Archive Library. Through this forum, JAFF Archive will introduce the access system and long-term plans of this program in relation to the development of national cinema, especially in Yogyakarta. With so many films entering through festivals, JAFF Archive is trying to open a discussion regarding the possibility of how festivals or festival organizers can start making efforts to rescue and open their archives to the public in order to contribute more to the advancement of film based on film archive activation.


Venue : LPP 

Schedule : Monday, 27 November 2023

Time : 10:00 – 12:00 WIB


Andika Wahyu Adi Putra

Andika Wahyu Adi Putra

Film Archivist