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Inshaallah A Boy

Inshallah Walad

113 minutes | 2023 | Jordan,France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar | Narrative | 🔊 Arabic | English Sub. | Age Rating


After the sudden death of her husband, Nawal is struggling to cope with the upheaval in her life. However, her pain is soon compounded by the possibility of losing her home to her brother-in-law. Desperate to keep her home and provide a stable life for her daughter, Nawal resorts to deception by faking a pregnancy. But as time passes, the lie becomes harder to sustain and Nawal faces a difficult choice. With only three weeks to find a solution, Nawal embarks on a journey that challenges her fears, beliefs, and morality, as she fights to secure her rightful inheritance and protect her daughter’s future.


MON, 27 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 1 | 14:15

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Amjad Al Rasheed

Amjad Al Rasheed

Amjad Al Rasheed, born in 1985, is a Jordanian director and writer who holds an MFA in Cinematic Arts, specializing in Directing and editing. His debut feature film, "Inshallah a Boy" had its world premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, as part of the prestigious La Semaine de la Critique. This marked it as the first Jordanian film ever to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival. It further garnered recognition by winning the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution and is set to be distributed worldwide in 2023/2024. Following its Cannes premiere, "Inshallah A Boy" was also featured in numerous international film festivals, including TIFF, the Busan International Film Festival, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the BFI London Film Festival, and the AFI Fest, among others.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company The Imaginarium Films Bayt Al Shawareb Georges Films

Producer Rula Nasser, Aseel Abu Ayyash

Main Cast Mouna Hawa, Haitham Omari, Yumna Marwan, Salwa Nakkara, Mohammad Al Jizawi, Eslam Al-Awadi, Celina Rabab’a

Screenplay Amjad Al-Rasheed, Rula Nasser, Delphine Agut

Cinematographer Kanamé Onoyama (AFC)

Editor Ahmed Hafez

Notable Achievement

Gan Foundation Award and the Rail d’Or Award for Best Feature Film, Cannes Film Festival, 2023