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Ijo dan Emas

World Premiere

14  minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Animation | 🔊 Indonesia | English Sub. | All Ages


Buto Ijo is very lonely and wants to have friends, but he is always shunned by all creatures because his face is scary. With his magical heirloom, he helps Mbok Srini, an old widow who wants to have children. Mbok Srini had a child and named him Timun Mas. Timun Mas is not afraid of Buto Ijo and is friends with him. But because of an incident, the villagers misunderstood him and kicked him out. Timun Mas followed him home and accidentally trashed Buto’s house. Buto Ijo tried to return him to the village. The villagers realized that Buto Ijo was scary but friendly.


SUN 26 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 2 13:00 

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Daud Nugraha

Daud Nugraha

Daud Nugraha was born in Yogyakarta and raised in Bandung. Since childhood, he has had a fondness for wayang (traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry) but also a keen interest in comics and animation. An alumni of the ITB Visual Communication Design in 2021, he began his career as a graphic designer, children's book illustrator, comic artist, and eventually a kindergarten teacher. He ventured into the world of animation as a storyboard artist at Kartun Studios, Malaysia. In 2021, he created "Desa Timun," Indonesia's first Wayang animation, which earned a nomination for Best Short Animation Film at the 2022 FFI (Indonesian Film Festival).

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company PT Kreasi Aniwayang Nusantara

Producer Raka Ardian Pamungkas

Main Cast Nizar Azza Faezya Tama, Dionisius Wiatmoko Banyu Amorajati, Siena Hafsah

Screenplay Shamil

Cinematographer Fadel muhammad ridwan

Editor Lindo Habie Ramadhansyah

Notable Achievement