Can't Stop Falling in Love

17 minutes | 2018 | Indonesia | Documentary |
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LPP | THU 1 DEC | 19:00


A small district in the north of Yogyakarta City famously called “Italy” is home to a football team called PSS SLEMAN, which is supported by its fans. Brigata Curva Sud, also known as bcsxpss.1976, is a group of PSS SLEMAN supporters who embrace the “ultras” path. A group of supporters whose motto is “Give us 90 minutes, and we’ll give you a lifetime.” The motto is more than just a phrase; their support doesn’t end after 90 minutes. Brigata Curva Sud is well-known in Indonesian football because of their creativity in supporting their team. It has eight influential manifestos that help them stay in line and loyally support PSS SLEMAN.


Arga Savetiar


Production Company

SiaPSS Production


Director's Profile

Arga Savetiar

Arga Savetiar

Muhammad Arga Savetiar Prasetya is in his final year as a student at the Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, Film & Television program, class 2017. He is experienced in working as a videographer and editor both freelance and full-time employee in several companies.

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