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How Are You?

Judul Asli

Jiak Ba Buay

6 minutes | 2023 | Singapore | Narrative | 🔊 English | English Sub. | Age Rating


We follow our protagonist from childhood to adulthood as he attempts over the years to heal his relationship with his father as he grapples with the weight of his mother’s passing



Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Aiden Choy, Lauren Chen, Ema Tan

Aiden Choy, Lauren Chen, Ema Tan

Aiden Choy is the Director for Jiak Ba Buay. He is inspired by many of the elements found in Asian Cinema with inspiration coming especially from Wong Kar Wai. Aiden is also interested in the detailed use of colour grading to illicit emotion.

Lauren Chen is the cinematographer and editor for Jiak Ba Buay. She is inspired by David Lynch and hopes to incorporate a sense of surrealism to her work.

Ema Tan is the writer for Jiak Ba Buay. She is interested in learning more about vernacular speech in film and other audiovisual mediums.