Happy New Year

23 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian (Traditional Chinese-Melayu Palembang) | sub. English | 13+



XXI 5 | THU 1 DEC | 18:00

World Premiere


“Happy New Year” tells the story of Li, a man with an estranged relationship with his wife and child, Rita and Chika. One day, the death of his neighbor made him realize the brevity of life and vowed to work on becoming a better husband and father figure before it is too late. Therefore, before the Lunar New Year celebration, he insisted on reuniting his family.

Li began to get closer to Rita and Chika by doing the usual things he did not do. Hence, his behavior made Rita and Chika confused. At first, Rita and Chika are still ignoring Li’s actions, but slowly they begin to accept Li as a husband and father figure. On Lunar New Year, Li managed to get the family warmth he dreamed of. But this warmth didn’t last long.




Production Company

Aztec Production




Director's Profile



"Daphne identified herself as a person who constantly curious about humans and try to understand them through a phenomenon called loss. Studied film for 4 years now she's involved in film making as a director. Her four short films are well-distributed and have a good

response from the community. Proved by her film titled ""Dan Pulang"" which won Best Foreign Fiction Short Film at International Film Festival Playa del Carmen, official selection at more than 10 international film festival and ""母 親(mǔqīn)"" aired 11 times at the film festival, an alternate cinema, and was awarded the Viddsee Shortee in January 2020."

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