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Program Note: Focus on Ho Yuhang

Ho Yuhang doesn’t actually have any formal film education. He studied in the United States majoring in electrical engineering. When he returned to his country, he changed direction choosing a career in TV production. There were rumours that he learned from Leonard Maltin’s Video Guide. Venturing into the world of TV commercials through his highly creative commercials, Ho Yuhang’s directorial feature debut, “Min” (2003) was funded by a TV station and shot in a digital format. Furthermore, the director who is said to have impressed Martin Scorsese has become a well-known figure in Asian cinema discussions, especially in Southeast Asia. His feature and short films have been touring in the broader festival circuit and have won several awards, including a NETPAC Award and a Tiger Award for Best Short at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (for “Sanctuary and As I Lay Dying”). “Rain Dogs” became the first Malaysian film to be selected for the Venice Film Festival in 2006. “At the End of Daybreak” won the NETPAC Award at the Locarno Film Festival. His action film, “Mrs K” was also screened at a number of festivals. Focus on Ho Yuhang invites the audience to get to know and get closer to his work through screening some of his filmography.

focus on ho yuhang

Ho Yuhang | 10 minutes | 2008 | Malaysia | Narrative | Mandarin | sub. English | 13+

Ho Yuhang | 93 minutes | 2009 | Malaysia | Narrative | Mandarin | sub. English | 17+

Ho Yuhang | 97 minutes | 2016 | Malaysia | Narrative | Mandarin, Cantonese | sub. English & Mandarin | 17+

Ho Yuhang | 30 minutes | 2011 | Malaysia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 17+

Ho Yuhang | 2 minutes | 2011 | Malaysia |Narrative | English, Malay, Cantonese | sub. English & Mandarin | 17+

Ho Yuhang | 32 minutes | 2015 | Malaysia | Narrative | Mandarin | sub. English & Mandarin | 17+