Si Wol

Falling Day

15 minutes | 2021 | South Korea | Narrative
Korean | sub. English | 17+




XXI 2 | SUN 27 NOV | 15:15

XXI 1 | FRI 2 DEC | 12:00

Indonesia Premiere


My sister is pregnant. And so did I.” Na B, a high school student, has a Taemong (precognitive dream about the birth of a child). Na B thinks it was for her elder sister’s baby, but reconfirmed that it was her own by the obstetrics and gynecology. In order to get rid of the baby, Na B and her boyfriend ask around for methods, but for abortion, above all, parental consent is required, as well as abortion cost. Na B came to choose ‘Miffgin’, which is cheap and does not require parental consent. She heads to a place to do direct deal with a Miffgin seller.


Kyung Seo Park


Production Company

Soongsil University SSFilm



Director's Profile

Kyung Seo Park

Kyung Seo Park

Born in South Korea on June 9, 2000. When going to high school in Chuncheon of South Korea, decided to become a film director after watching The Handmaiden” (2016). Making a movie club with school friends was the first step, and after graduation, went to Soongsil University's Department of Film Arts in 2019, to study wider and deeper about film. “Falling Day” is the director's first short film, and also first film since became an adult. After “Falling Day”, director directed short films “Hickey” (2021, 20min) and “Fishy” (2022, 25 menit). Both of which are currently in distribution.

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