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Evil Does Not Exist


106 minutes | 2023 | Japan | Narrative | 🔊 Japanese | English Sub. | Age Rating


Takumi and his daughter Hana live in Mizubiki Village, close to Tokyo. Like generations before them, they live a modest life according to the cycles and order of nature. One day, the village inhabitants become aware of a plan to build a glamping site near Takumi’s house; offering city residents a comfortable ‘escape’ to nature. When two company representatives from Tokyo arrive in the village to hold a meeting, it becomes clear that the project will have a negative impact on the local water supply, causing unrest. The agency’s mismatched intentions endanger both the ecological balance of the nature plateau and their way of life, with an aftermath that affects Takumi’s life.


WED, 29 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 1 | 16:30

THU, 30 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 1 | 16:30

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Ryusuke Hamaguchi was born in Japan in 1978. In 2008, Passion, his master’s degree graduate work from Tokyo University of Arts, was selected at the San Sebastián International Film Festival and Tokyo Filmex. In 2015, his award-winning film Happy Hour premiered at the 68th Locarno International Film Festival. In 2021, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy won the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the 71st Berlinale. At the 74th edition of Cannes, Drive My Car won the Screenplay Prize and three independent prizes, including FIPRESCI. The following year it received four Academy Award nominations, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and won the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company EOPA Inc., Fictive LLC

Producer Satoshi Takata

Main Cast  Hitoshi Omika, Ryo Nishikawa, Ryuji Kosaka, Ayaka Shibutani, Hazuki Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Miura

Screenplay Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Cinematographer Yoshio Kitagawa

Editor Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Azusa Yamazaki

Notable Achievement

SILVER LION Grand Jury Prize | Venice International Film Festival, 2023

FIPRESCI Award | Venice International Film Festival, 2023

Fondazione Fai Persona Lavoro Ambiente award | FAI Foundation, 2023

Best Film Award | BFI London Film Festival, 2023



Drive My Car (2021)

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (2021)

Happy Hour (2015)