22 minutes | 2019 | Indonesia | Narrative |
Javanese | sub. English



LPP | WED 30 NOV | 19.00


His mother asks Mahmud to take care of his sick sister Sawiyah, but he challenges her to a bicycle race instead. During the race, Sawiyah gets a stomachache. Mahmud thinks it is just an ordinary stomachache. Sawiyah is constantly whining about her pain. On the road going uphill, she looks limp while holding her wet buttocks from her diarrhea. On that climb, Mahmud’s bike pedal comes off and falls. Sawiyah dies on the road because she does not get treatment right away.


Zulfani Yuninda


Production Company

Empatbelas Project




Director's Profile

Zulfani Yuninda

Zulfani Yuninda

Zulfani Yuninda graduated from the Television and Film Studies Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences at the University of Jember, focusing on directing. Encret is the first film she produced.

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