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Eid From Hongkong

Lebaran dari Hongkong

Asian Premiere

24 minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Javanese | Indonesia, English Sub. | Age Rating


Yanto (32) leaves home to take his son Puput (6) to the Madrasah (islamic School) to recite the Quran. On the way, Yanto stopped at a small shop where people put up lottery numbers.

Yanto suspects that his motorbike’s license plate number will hit the jackpot. He tries to confirm asking the lottery number prediction to a madman who has lived under a tree for a long time. And it turns out that Yanto’s feelings were right, the madman also agreed that Yanto’s license plate number would come out that night. Without thinking, he bought the number.

Even though the jackpot isn’t 4 digits yet, the number he bought can penetrate to 3 digits, that’s a nominal amount that is enough to celebrate Eid and buy Puput new clothes. When Puput got new clothes, he asked his mother, who had not returned home for 4 Eids. Hearing this, Yanto’s feelings were very frantic, because he was also waiting for his wife’s return home. With a clever brain, Yanto tricked Puput by inviting Rumijah to celebrate Eid together.


SUN, 26 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 5 | 18.00


Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Achmad Faishol

Achmad Faishol

Achmad Faishol The young man born in Blora is a final year student of Film and Television at ISI Yogyakarta. A screenwriter and director who loves soto, he has won several national-level film pitches and funds. The winner of ACFFest 2021 best idea with the film Current Network and most recently as the winner of the short film Pitch and Fund held by the Yogyakarta Cultural Office 2022. In addition, he has also made several short films which were screened at various local, national and international film festivals. One of them is the screening of films at the G20 Bali Summit and participating in the filmmaking workshop program

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company Small Time Pictures

Producer Jibran Alfandi

Main Cast Eko Pethel, Elvareta Cira Indy Faustine 

Screenplay Kevin A. Muhammad

Cinematographer Achmad Faishol, Kevin A. Muhammad

Editor Tegar Dyon Muhammad

Notable Achievement