Eddie Cahyono

Born in Yogyakarta, this director has been active in independent film scene since 1999. Eddie Cahyono is the co-founder of Fourcolours Film—a Yogyakarta-based film community which then developed into a production house. He was awarded Penghargaan Konfiden in Festival Film-Video Independen Indonesia (FFVII) 2001 through his short film Antara Masa Lalu dan Masa Sekarang (2001), a film which was then screened in various international festivals. Eddie was awarded Penghargaan Konfiden again in Festival Film Pendek Konfiden 2007 with his film Jalan Sepanjang Kenangan (2007). This alumnus of the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta started his directorial debut in a feature entitled Cewek Saweran (2011).