Dr. Samsi

88 minutes | 1952 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+



XXI 4 | SUN 27 NOV | 14:15


Sukaesih decided to leave her son in a hospital where her ex lover – Dr. Samsi works. She hopes her son could get a decent education. With Leo’s trickery, Samsi finally agreed to take Sukaesih’s son as Sugiat, his son with Sundari who had just died. Sugiat grows up, becomes a lawyer, without knowing the truth about his true mother and the child exchange tragedy in the past. Returning to Indonesia, Sugiat handled the case of Sukaesih who was accused of killing Leo, her own husband. Will Sugiat be able to exonerate Sukaesih from charges? Did Samsi finally realize that Sugiat was his own biological son?


Ratna Asmara


Production Company

Djakarta Film




Director's Profile

Ratna Asmara

Ratna Asmara

Ratna Asmara also known as Suratna (1913 - 1968) is an actor, director, and producer who was active in Dutch East Indies/ Indonesia film industry from 1940 to 1954. She is believed to be the first female credited as a film director in Indonesian cinema. She began her career as an actor in Dardanella performance art. Then, she got a chance to start her debut as a director in "Sedap Malam" (1951) - the first film produced by PERSARI. Consecutively after that, she has directed several films, such as "Musim Bunga di Selabintana" (1952), "Dr. Samsi" (1952), "Nelajan" (1953-1954), and "Dewi dan Pemilihan Umum" (1954). She also established Asmara Film and Ratna Film company.

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