15 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour | o.v. Indonesia, Sabahan Malay 

Director: Anwar Johari Jo

An Indonesian fisherman in a foreign coastal city is disillusioned with his state of being as he has to spend one last day with his foreign lover.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Burung-Burung (short)

2019: Forget Me Not

Production company: Zi An Pictures


入世 (There)

28 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director: Wu Yu Fen

The old grandpa had passed away. The Indonesia caregiver, Shally helped to hold the funeral with grandma and uncle.Yet, none of the children came home, Shally then was forced on behalf of one of the family members…

Director’s Filmography

2019: 入世 (There) (short)


19 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | o.v. Javanese | sub. Indonesian, English

Director:  Yulinda Dwi Andriyani

Sri (27) has always been so strong in her life. Every day she never stops working, moving, she doesn’t want to give up and die easily, she does all of that for her husband and child. Until that night on Eid al-Fitr, she gets into something she never imagined and lost what she has worked hard for, but Sri never gives up and finds another way for the better.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Fitrah (short)

Nyewu (short)

2017: Gatra (short)

Here Is Not There 

20 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director:  Nelson Yeo

Xun, a Chinese migrant worker, falls in love with Chong, a Malaysian colleague at her warehouse job. Their relationship is like an endless dance of two jellyfish in the ocean, making ends meet with no end in sight. Until one day, Xun announces she is pregnant, which is a deportable offense, and the fates of Xun and Chong are altered forever.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Here Is Not There (short)

島嶼雲煙 (Cloudy Days)

26 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | o.v. Chinese, Vietnamese 

Director:  Chuang Yung-Hsiang

Yun (Cloud), a middle-aged woman from Vietnam, remarries an old man with her little son from her first marriage. Devoted as she is to her husband, she is not treated as his family member. In their suffocating marriage, there is no love but daily routine. Repressed desire makes her turn to her stepchild, a considerate and amiable young man. Something starts to stir within her lonely heart.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall (short)


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