Người Cùng Làng (Fellow Countrymen)

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Director’s Filmography

Bleached Bones Avenue

16 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour | o.v. English 

Director: Akio Fujimoto

The local Zomis live deep inside the mountain near the border of India and Myanmar. Early morning, in the former battlefield of the WW2, they set off to dig for the bones of the Japanese Soldiers.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Bleached Bones Avenue (short)

2012: Psychedelic Family (short)

Here, Here

19 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | o.v. Filipino | sub. English 

Director:  Joanne Cesario

Years after mining operations began, a once rugged and undisturbed town changes drastically. Koi, 22, returns home for the first time since leaving for college, and does so with an infected ear. He accompanies his mother Tonet in waiting for his father, both of them clueless as to whether his father could make it home alive after an accident in the extraction tunnel. As Koi reconnects with his hometown in slow decay, he fears the impending possibility of losing both his father and his hearing. Part fiction, part experiment, and purposefully blurring the distinction, Here, Here serves as a loose visual study on landscapes and terrains, both natural and beyond.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Here, Here (short)

Maya (A Girl Who Saw the News Twice)

14 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director:  Sinung Winahyoko

Maya, a young girl lives with her mother, searching her father who hasn’t came back after recitation. When she deliver a laundry to her neighbour, she informed where her father is, Maya try to find him in her time left of the day.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Maya (A Girl Who Saw the News Twice) (short)

2017: Madonna (short)

2015: The Taste of Fences (short)

2010: Memoria (short)

Production Company: Think Tank Indonesia

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 大吉 (Lucky Draw) 

 22 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director:  Chin Chia-Hua

In the Bailiff Office of Taiwan High Courts, three bailiffs draw lots to decide who is the gunman of tomorrow’s execution. Bailiff Quei-Wu got the mission. But Quei-Wu’s wife just got pregnant, he asked his colleague Hsin-Chuen to fill in for him to avoid bad luck. Hsin-Chuen said yes without thinking. But when he got home, his wife reminded him about the appointment of seeing movie with his daughter. Even his daughter was angry, Hsin-Chuen concealed the mission from his daughter and wife. He asked relatives to fill in for him to see the movie with his daughter. His brother-in-law said yes finally, but Hsin-Chuen couldn’t fall asleep all night. He found he wanted to go to the movie with his daughter badly.

Director’s Filmography

2019: 大吉 (Lucky Draw) (short)

Garden of Hope (short)

A Daughter’s Task (short)


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