Ngày Trọng Đại (The Big Day)

8 minutes | Documentary | DCP | Colour | o.v. Vietnam | sub. English

Director:  Le Can Truong

In a depressed day, Linh finds to Uyen – her bestie to have fun and relax. Seem like Uyen’s world has bring Linh up until Uyen reveals a secret that made Linh seem like dangling in the middle of an abyss.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Ngày Trọng Đại (The Big Day) (short)

2019: It Takes Two To Tango (short)

Contact: Le Can Truong

巨人 (jù rén)

5 minutes | Animation | DCP | Colour | o.v. Mandarin 

Director: Harry Zhuang and Henry Zhuang

A seed is planted. A school of fishes washes up to a barren land. While all the fish leaps into the sea, one digs deep into the land.

Director’s Filmography

2019: 巨人 (jù rén) (short)

The Tiger of 142B (short)

Contained (short)

See You Next Century

8 minutes | Fiction | DCP |Black & White | o.v. Mandarin 

Director:  James Lee

In this homage to Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962) sci-fi time travelling short film involves a woman novelist being visited by a scientist from the future, claiming to be her husband.

Director’s Filmography

2019: See You Next Century (short)

Judy Free

5 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour | o.v. Filipino | sub. English

Director:  Che Tagyamon

Judy’s Father, a Filipino migrant worker, suddenly comes back as an animated figure after years of being away from home. Judy struggles dealing with the new king-like presence in the household. Soon, she realizes that her plan to get close to him is put in jeopardy when a commotion happens in the household. A photograph showing another child overseas. An impending feeling of their family’s dissolution.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Judy Free (short)

Production Company: Dambuhala Productions


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